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Hey, you're listening to my music - I think that's pretty damn cool, especially if we haven't met yet (say hi sometime). Please show you value the hundreds of hours of love and hustle that go into every track by donating or sharing my page with your friends. Seriously, every single dollar and fan really helps. Thanks, enjoy, stay smart, stay sexy.

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I strive to make music that's not only danceable (bangin', wild, groovin', fun) and consumable (lots of different people might like it) but also artistic (unique, eclectic, beautiful), soulful (emotive, passionate, special), and especially: classy (subtle, clever, complex - smart and sexy). How am I doing?

I grew up in Los Angeles with a piano, a computer, and an ocean. Currently, I'm 20 and study experience design at Stanford. I live in an obscenely busy dichotomy between school and music and f☺cking love it.


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